Celebrate Chinese New Year!
Limited edition color film for Polaroid® 600 type and Impossible I-type cameras.
Each pack contains 7red metallic frames and 1 lucky gold.

For 2017, the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rooster, Impossible has released a special edition of Lucky 8 color film, with all new redesigned packaging. This new edition film will only be available as a limited run during 2017.

In each following year Lucky 8 will be reissued with a new look for the new Zodiac, as part of a collectible, highly limited-edition series. Lucky 8 film is perfect for capturing the mood during Chinese New Year festivities. Eight is the luckiest number in Chinese culture, and is also the number of photos in every pack of Impossible film.

Lucky 8 emphasizes this connection, with seven metallic red frames and one lucky gold frame - both traditionally festive colors in East and West alike. You never know where the gold frame will appear in the pack, giving this film a sense of the unexpected that’s perfect for experimenting with.


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