Focus has developed a new marine binocular with amazing features both optically and mechanically. With the use of advanced BaK4 roof-prism, we have got a slim, compact and durable marine binocular that fits into any vessel.

A highly advanced coating (Full Broadband Multi Coating) FBMC on all glass surfaces. Barium crown glass prisms (BaK4) are treated with Silvercoating for 100% reflection as well as a Phase-coating for best sharpness and light transmission.

Fra: Focus

Focus Captain 7x50 Compas

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( 1.759,20  u/Moms )
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Focus Captain 7x50 Compass has a great depth of field so almost no refocus is needed. The binocular gives a sharp image from 2m to infinity across the field of view. The contrast and backlighting feature is superb, even the darkness you will note the high quality. The Twist-up eyecups make it easy to adjust the distance between the eye and the binocular, it will always give you the best vision with or without glasses, you can adjust the distance between your pupils from 56 to 73 mm.

It's easy to take a bearing mark with this calm and stable compass. The binoculars have a built-in scale where you can calculate the distance or size of the object.
The rubber amour gives a safe grip and it is easy to hold the binoculars with one hand when the sea gets rough.

Bag and floating strap included.







View angle


Field of view at 1000m


Eye relief


Diopter adjustment


Near focus




Model/varenr.: 107924